About Us

We are situated on the edge of the Quantocks in a small village called Broomfield. We have been at Westleigh for 25 years and each year we just appreciate it even more.

The farm has been mainly equestrian during that period with a few sheep, cattle and hay-making years in the mix. We back onto Broomfield Common, a stone’s throw from Fyne Court.

We had been exploring the idea of Lavender for a while and early in 2013 we took the plunge!

We decided to plant Grosso, Hidcote and Munstead Lavender varieties. All of our products are made with ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly ingredients.  And the bees just love it!

Alongside the Lavender will be a few rows of Rosemary, as the two seem to go well together.

Now we’re in the really exciting stage. Our products have been chosen to start the retail side and passed by the testing and legislation Boards. We chose the bottling from an immense choice and the composition of the bottle material was also taken into consideration. Branding and design came down to 8 versions, of which 5 were dismissed very early on, leaving a short list of 3. At this point, we decided to use the Rivertones Barbershop Chorus mailing list (with permission) together with our family contacts to ask which was the preferred design – and received an overwhelming response from a wide spectrum of ages.  Design number 3 zoomed ahead so, by popular vote, it was launched.  Our initial range of products is now in Somerset shops and we’re receiving very positive feedback from users.

Our initial products on offer are:

  • Lavender shampoo
  • Lavender everyday conditioner
  • Lavender intensive conditioner
  • Lavender hand lotion
  • Lavender bath oil
  • Lavender Moisturiser (day/night)

We have been using all of these products over the past couple of months and even husband Robert, not usually given to taking much notice of such things (!), loves the shampoo!

Starting the day with Lavender moisturiser is just the best! It’s like sunshine and a fresh new day every day – even in winter. I’ve been putting the hand lotion on each night while in bed and then it’s off to sleep. Such a versatile herb!

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday 10am – 4pm
  • Wednesday 10m – 4pm
  • Thursday 10am – 4pm
  • Friday 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday – Closed
  • Closed Bank Holidays

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