Lavender and Plum Jam


  • 1kg plums, halved with stones removed
  • 1/4 cup lavender flowers, rinsed
  • 1kg Jam Setting Sugar
  • 10g butter


Place plums and lavender flowers in a food processor and process to a chunky puree. Transfer mixture to a preserving pan or large heavy-based saucepan.


Add Jam Setting Sugar and stir over heat until dissolved. Do not boil . Add butter, increase heat and boil for 4 minutes or until settling point is reached. Test by spooning a little jam onto a chilled saucer. Run your finger through the jam and if it wrinkles then it's ready. If jam doesn't wrinkle then boil for another 2 minutes and test again. Retest at 2 minute intervals until settling point is reached.


Remove pan from heat and skim off any foam from surface.


Fill sterilised jars , any nice jars you have kept can be sterilised and labled.