Beat Agoraphobia!

Beat Agoraphobia!


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This ‘question-and-answer’ CD provides very relevant advice and clarification to the agoraphobia sufferer and their friends and family. It is intended to be used with the two foundation courses ‘Relax – and Enjoy It!’ and ‘Control Your Tension!’ This course provides a wealth of valuable and practical methods for overcoming agoraphobia, using powerful CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) techniques and methods.

The agoraphobia sufferer may be driven by a wide variety of underlying fears, stresses, uncertainties, vulnerabilities and conflicts. There is no “one size fits all” technique that works with all agoraphobics and this programme explores a number of factors that underpin the agoraphobia syndrome. Friends and family are frequently confused and frustrated in their attempts to help an agoraphobic loved one – largely because they do not understand what to do for the best. There are many thought-provoking and practical suggestions contained in this agoraphobia treatment programme that friends and family, as well as the sufferer, can follow with benefit to all concerned.


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